This is where the real fun is at.

Through a series of workshops you'll participate in the whole winemaking process from grape to glass.

It’s all about learning through doing – getting your hands (and feet) dirty in the name of making good-quality wine. We’re out to demystify the winemaking process by bringing good people together over great wine, food and music to learn about, taste and create wine in an urban environment.

2020 MEMBERSHIPS are now available! NUMBERS ARE strictly limited.

Help us Stomp, Press & Bottle our 2020 vintage!

Membership includes:
- 3 winemaking workshops: Stomp, Press and Bottle. (Details below)
- 3 barrel tasting sessions (Details below)
- 6 bottles from your vintage (rrp $168)
- 20% Discount on NR wine and merch (both in the bar and takeaway) for 1 year (Conditions Apply)

All for $425.

2020 Noisy Ritual Membership
Dates (Stomp/Press):
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Your membership comes with access to three main winemaking sessions.

The Stomp

(Workshop 1)
25-30 PEOPLE
An afternoon in Autumn.
12-5pm (or similar)

A 5hr workshop to begin your winemaking journey. The freshly harvested grapes arrive – heaps of them. Alongside the Noisy Ritual team, you’ll prepare one batch ready for fermentation.

There’ll be destemming, crushing and stomping. You can get as messy as you like. We’ll taste the fruit and juice and discuss the desired and expected outcomes when it becomes wine. There'll be wine tastings, great food supplied by someone’s Nonna (all included), plus great music and a bar (mates rates). 

- When, how and why wine grapes are harvested
- How to taste and assess the berries
- Desirable characteristics of fermentation
- Analysis of grape juice
- Guiding the wine towards your preferred style

Leave with:
- An info sheet covering workshop topics
- A new relationship with grapes

The Press

(Workshop 2)
25-30 PEOPLE
Roughly 2 weeks after The Stomp
12-4pm (or similar)

A 4hr workshop focused on the second stage of the winemaking process. By now your grapes have completed fermentation, and are ready to press!

Using nothing more than an age-old basket press, buckets, funnels and a sense of humour, you’ll extract the wine from the grape skins and pulp, and lock it away in oak barrels. Again there'll be wine tastings & great food (included), plus great music and a bar (mates rates).

- When and how to press the grapes (marc)
- The differences in flavour and texture at different stages of pressing
- What happens during and after fermentation
- Introduction to secondary fermentation and maturation

Leave with:
- An info sheet covering workshop topics
- A new sense or your own strength

The Bottle

(Workshop 3)
2019: Sun 17 November
2020: TBC

A 4hr workshop to bottle the magic, followed by a good old knees-up as we celebrate the end of the winemaking process!

You’ll bottle your wine: corks in, waxed top, labels on and boxes packed, and after the work is done we’ll throw open the doors so your mates can come along to our end of year bash. There’ll be live music, great food and a bar, and you can take your wine home with you (or pick it up later).

- How to assess, analyse and prepare wine for bottling
- Filling, corking, waxing and labelling techniques from the pros
- How and why to cellar your wine

Leave with:
- Your 6 bottles of hand-made Noisy Ritual wine
- A new friend to drink it with (no guarantees)


Between all the major workshops there’ll be opportunities to drop in, taste the wine straight from the barrel, take some measurements, bend a winemaker’s ear or just give a barrel a hug. There'll be three of these events for members during the year, and you'll be able to bring along a mate or two to show them the fruits of your labour.


You can select your exact dates in the shop. There'll be a few different groups for you to choose from, starting late Feb. The sessions will take place in our Brunswick East home at 249 Lygon St. Close to public transport, and a beautiful venue for winemaking!


Thanks for bringing it up. Noisy Ritual memberships are a great gift idea! Just tick YES to the 'Is this a gift?' question after you add the membership to your cart. We'll happily email you a gift certificate!


It's luck of the draw. It's impossible to predict the exact date that a particular variety from a particular place will be ready to harvest. We do know you will be making a red wine variety. At the end of the year you'll have the choice to take 6 bottles of the batch you made, or a mixed half-dozen from across the Noisy Ritual range.


You can get one at the bar and now online, but making white wine isn’t as fun for the first-timer because there’s less of the hands-on stuff. Members will stick to making reds because they respond well to hands... and hugs. This year we had a batch of Chardonnay from Geelong fermenting alongside our other varieties - our members played a very important (and enthusiastic) taste-testing role.


More of a drinker than a maker? You might be interested in our Wine Drinker Membership - a seasonal wine pack delivered to your door with heaps of other benefits.