Our wines are made to be approachable and enjoyed as soon as they are bottled.  We make wines that are fresh and fruit driven, with soft tannins and well-balanced acid that offer a harmonious wine that’s ready to drink, but with enough complexity to keep it interesting and allow it to age gracefully (just like the guys who made it).

Where do you get your grapes?

We get our grapes from a network of premium vineyards throughout Victoria, and once they’re harvested they come straight up the highway to Brunswick, with all of the winemaking happening in the heart of the city.
Our aim is to showcase some of the breadth of diversity on offer throughout Victoria’s wine regions, made easier by our central location and the fact we’re not tied to a single location.

We prioritise working with producers working in a sustainable and low impact way, who share our goal to obtain the best possible fruit from each vine - low yields, balanced vines, mature vineyards, etc - so we can all be the beneficiaries of wines with great intensity and complexity of flavour.

What do you do to them?

As little as possible. Our aim is for the wine to give a pure expression of the variety and the where it has come from. To achieve this we use a minimal intervention approach and only take action when absolutely necessary to ensure we consistently make the best quality wine possible.

We go to great lengths to source high-quality fruit, and are committed to attention to detail in the winemaking process - giving each batch constant attention to make sure it’s moving in right direction.

What’s the membership thing?

All our red wines are made with the help of a rowdy community of people keen to get their hands and feet dirty and learn about the winemaking process. Around 30 people follow each wine through from grape to glass. The wines are made the old-school way: hand-sorted, foot-stomped & hand-pressed. It means we don’t have to buy any big machines, and we can demystify the process by getting a big bunch of enthusiastic people involved at every stage. Throughout the process the first priority is always to make consistently delicious premium wines.
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Now available online, at the winery, and in a number of bars and retailers.