When winemaker Alex got wind that his mate Cam had found a concrete wine fermenter under his house, we did the obvious thing: ordered half a tonne of shiraz grapes and got our friends over to help us stomp it. Word spread, and over the coming weeks more and more people dropped by to get in on some old-timey low-tech urban winemaking goodness. The thing was a hit for everyone involved and when we were done, we received so much positive feedback we decided to take the next step and bring this low-key style of winemaking to even more city-dwelling people.

To bring this handmade winemaking experience to the most people possible, we created an urban winery where you get to make the wine. Through a series of events we guide Members through the process from grape to glass. There's food, music and wine to indulge the senses while, piece by piece, we strip away the mystique of winemaking – all in a relaxed, inclusive and fun environment. With Noisy Ritual it’s all about basking in the glory of wine, minus the bullshit.


In Autumn 2015 we undertook Noisy Ritual's first proper vintage in a pop-up space in Preston. Nearly 100 members had a tonne of fun making 6 batches of wine that went on to be released as Noisy Ritual’s 2015 range. The membership experience concluded at our Bottling Party in November where we bottled our 2015 wines and celebrated the end of our first year with a big ol' knees up. So much fun.


2016 was the year we opened Noisy ritual as a permanent thing - an old bakery in Lygon St East Brunswick is now Melbourne's first urban winery! We kicked things off with our Housewarming Dinner where Matt Wilkinson (Pope Joan) cooked an incredibly delicious and generous feast for 100 of our closest friends. We made 8 great wines with around 120 members, and they're now all out in the world!


We've just wrapped up our Vintage 2017 festival - a 5-week celebration of Winemaking, Music & Food. We threw our doors open wider than ever to give everybody a chance to get close to the action with free winemaking tours, great live music and of course lots and lots of winemaking with the help of our awesome 2017 members! All in all we've created 12 wines and we can't wait to share them with the world.

Alex & Cam.

Vintage 2014 at Cam's house

Vintage 2014 at Cam's house

Vintage 2015 in Preston

Vintage 2015 in Preston

Check out the video we made for the crowdfunding campaign - back when we where just kids.