Noisy Ritual started in 2014 when we found a concrete wine fermenter under Cam’s house. 

We organised half a tonne of premium shiraz grapes and invited some mates around to help us stomp them. Word spread, and over the coming weeks we guided a whole bunch of people through some low-tech urban winemaking. Everyone loved the process. And everyone loved the wine.

 Noisy Ritual was born.

 We’ve now moved out of Cam’s basement, but we’re still out to demystify the winemaking process by bringing good people together over great wine, food and music to learn about, taste and create wine in the city. Our wine embodies all we stand for. It’s made by hand in our East Brunswick winery with love, expertise and plenty of help from our rowdy community of winemaking members.

 We hope it’s as fun to drink as it was to make.

 Alex & Cam.

Vintage 2014 (Cam's basement)

Vintage 2014 (Cam's basement)

Preston Pop-Up 2015


Noisy Ritual Brunswick East 2019