Alex has been working in the wine industry for over 13 years, with experience in wineries and vineyards all over Australia and France. Cam knows a bit about wine and a helluva lot about events.

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Alex has experience in wineries and vineyards all over Australia and France. He cut his teeth as a winemaker at Lethbridge Wines near Geelong, and now (in addition to Noisy Ritual) produces wines under his own Byrne label, and collaborates with his mate Kim to make Liquid Rock n Roll wines. Alex takes inspiration from all things handmade. It’s creative processes and products that excite him and he wants his winemaking projects to be inclusive and engaging.

Cam’s got heaps of skills that don’t really apply directly to the wine business per se, but he’s the bloke who found the fermenter under his house so he’s Noisy Ritual to the core. Luckily his ten years as a multitasker in the music industry schooled him in more than late nights and schmoozing. And through his community arts facilitation and festival coordination roles he’s got some serious events credentials to back up his above-average looks. Basically, Cam knows how to balance the books and put on a party so he runs the noisy bits at Noisy Ritual.

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We started Noisy Ritual back in 2014 with our other winemaker mate Sam Vogel. He's a busy fella though, and decided he needed to focus on his new family and a new business - keep an eye out for some exciting news for wine lovers in Geelong soon!